Vote for My Zomcation Book Cover Contest


Zomcation is the best book ever written about an ex-soldier guilted by his depressed, divorced sister, social media addicted niece and hipster nephew into taking a vacation to an amusement park dedicated to a cartoon wombat only to end up fighting hordes of zombies when a Doomsday cult infects the park’s soda supply with a zombifying virus.

I can smell the literary awards now.  Mmm.  Smells like chicken.

Please vote for your cover here.

And please, really vote.  I’m having a hard time making up my mind.

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3 thoughts on “Vote for My Zomcation Book Cover Contest

  1. I like both 13 and 31. Not to be obnoxious.

    • For most of this week I thought it was a lock for Miai #13 or one of those variants. He submitted a bunch of different versions and I haven’t figured out which one out of his are the best.

      Then someone submitted #35 and I have to say that design is funny and has a lot of heart. The photo booth. Photo strip with a guy posing for a picture, guy screaming getting attacked by a zombie, then the zombie. Hilarious. Subtle. Made me laugh. Creative. I liked it a lot.

      I did like Brightspark’s #33 as he took a stab at what Wombat World and Willy Wombat would look like.

      So I think it is down between 35 or one of the variants of 13. 35 is a lot of fun and it has a lot of heart so my heart likes it. My brain tells me 13 probably looks better in the thumbnail.

      To the distracted book peruser looking through the books on Amazon, 35 looks cute but he might not get the joke until after he looks at it a minute.

      13 says right away, hey, damn it, this is about zombies.

      I don’t know. So hard.

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