Tom Hanks to Play Mr. Rogers in a Movie

Hey 3.5 readers.  Won’t you be my 3.5 readers?

Millennials, sit down a minute, because you’re not going to believe this shit.

For roughly 35 years, the most popular children’s television program, really, the show that essentially started the concept of educational TV for kids, featured a single (though married in real life) grown ass man, who, from middle age well into his elder years, just randomly invited neighborhood children into his home, unattended, unsupervised, just him and the kids, and they played games and learned life and educational lessons and ate cookies and snacks and shit and then he’d just send the kids home completely unscathed.

Oh and also, the man had constructed a working toy trolley that rolled on an elaborate track that moved from his house to another room where the man had constructed an entire fantasy puppet kingdom.  The puppets had been given names, intricate backstories and everything.

All kidding aside, I’m glad Mr. Rogers is getting some recognition but is there enough backstory for there to be a movie?  Was there a big drama that unfolded as that we can watch and eat popcorn to?  Was there a big bad villain who was all like, “You will never build your fantasy puppet kingdom, Mr. Rogers!  Never!!!!”

I don’t know.  I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt.  If you’ve never seen Mr. Rogers, go check him out on YouTube.  You dipshits could benefit from learning how to be nice from the man who invented niceness.

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6 thoughts on “Tom Hanks to Play Mr. Rogers in a Movie

  1. Hollywood needs to stop recycling and get some new damn material already.

    • I mean I guess it’s a biopic and I like seeing Mr R get props. Also and I think this gets left out – kid raising 101 today is to tell the kids their brilliant and no ones responsible for doing something bad. I mean Mr R was really nice about it but he did teach that there was a right and a wrong. So I’m surprised he’s getting so much positive play when his show wouldn’t fly today. I like him I’m just surprised the pc crowd likes him.

      Ultimately I’m not sure a there’s enough material for a movie but we’ll see

  2. da-AL says:

    all the goodness of these sorts of shows went totally over my head as a kid – where was the plot?! (not in those exact words) went thru my head — I can appreciate far better now

    have just ‘cut the cable’!!!! hate all tv pretty much, but I watch over the shoulders of my loved ones — have been watching Andy Griffith (along with Munsters & Columbo!) — & am blown away by the sweetness & wisdom there!

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