Daily Discussion with BQB – Are You Going to Watch the Royal Wedding?

Are you going to watch the royal wedding, 3.5 readers?

I hate to be “that guy” but I have a little reservation.  Meghan Markle is lovely and she and Prince Harry seem happy together…but…

35 READERS: How dare you rain on our parade, BQB?

Meghan is a) divorced and b) her parents are divorced and statistically speaking (look it up because I’m not making this up), your chances of divorcing your partner go up with every divorce you experience…if your parents get divorced then that means its more likely you will get divorced and the likelihood rises if you have been divorced yourself.

I assume the issue is that as a society, we are taught divorce is awful – you made a big promise and to get out of it, well, that means the world should stop spinning and life as you know it should cease to be…except…life carries on, doesn’t it?  Maybe life becomes a little harder, a little sadder, but the earth doesn’t fall off its access and life goes on.

So, I assume if you’re a kid and you see your parents split and that’s sad but then life goes on, and then you get divorced and well, once you rip off that band aid, it might be hard and it might hurt but the more band aids you rip off the easier it gets.

I know, that’s awful and people are more than statistics and stats aren’t everything and after all, they make a nice couple and seem very happy.

I also might be biased.  I briefly dated a woman who was divorced and the littlest thing wrong, like on the level of picking a restaurant she didn’t like or a movie she didn’t like or something, that would be enough for her to send her into a tizzy.

I’ve seen it in a friend’s marriage too.  He married a divorcee and sure enough, she threatens to leave at the drop of the hat.  Too many dishes in the sink = I’m leaving.  Toilet seat up?  I’m leaving.  Forgot to walk the dog? I’m leaving.  You bought the wrong brand of ketchup?  I’m leaving.  He’s way too patient.  I’d of told her to leave already.

But ok.  These are my personal biases coming into play.  I’m just saying if I were the Prince of England, I might have tried for a non-divorced woman but then again, you never know, sometimes going against the grain works and maybe if he had done that he would have ended up being mismatched with someone snooty.  Harry seems like he has always been the brother who defies convention (i.e. joining the army and insisting on fighting on the battlefield, etc).

I’m just saying if they get divorced it wouldn’t surprise me but screw it, in today’s age, if two people who had never been married before get divorced, that wouldn’t shock me either so I guess you just gotta go for that babe who revs your engine and hope for the best.

Discuss in the comments, 3.5 readers.

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6 thoughts on “Daily Discussion with BQB – Are You Going to Watch the Royal Wedding?

  1. There was a bit of a snit about this yesterday at the coop. I maintain she is a fame chaser and she’s only marrying him to get further into the lime light which seems to be what she has done her whole life. So what gets you more lime light than marrying a royal? smiles. Cheating on one spectacularly then having a big ugly divorce.

    • I have no idea. I’d scoop her up in a heartbeat myself but if I’m the Prince of England, I’d probably go for a younger woman with a few extra miles left on her baby factory and without a divorce track record…then again, that’s no guarantee of bliss either. Come to think of it, his father went for a younger, never married woman and look where that got him. I’ve found in my own life, post 35, actually almost 40, the older you get the more compromises you make so…yeah it’s possible she might say, “Doesn’t get better than Princess” and stick with it.

      We’ll see I suppose. Sometimes it’s funny when she’s referred to as a famous actress…I mean, she had a part on a show on the USA Network. Who has watched Suits? I haven’t. Anyone?

      I’ll admit it is cool that there is a Princess who grew up visiting the set of “Married with Children” though. I would not have taken a bet that anyone remotely related to that show would have ended up as royalty.

  2. You may be too picky. 😀

    • I have realized that late in life. There were a lot of nice girls who liked me in my late 20s but I was young and stubborn…then after spending my 30s getting old and ugly and getting close to 40, I feel like dating is like sifting through a trash can full of humanity’s flotsam. Would that I could invent a time machine.

      Even so, I’m not the Prince and I’m just saying the Prince could always do better. Harry and William are so ugly they look like they could be my high school friends but they could get whatever women they want because they are princes. William used the power well I worry Harry may have messed up but time will tell.

      • And, now you’re projecting… 😀
        I’d like to think there are nice girls out there. /shrugs I think I’m with you on the Meghan Markle thing.

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