#OscarsSoPretty – Snubbed Actor – Geoffrey Arend

Hey 3.5 readers.

Bookshelf Q. Battler here with continuing coverage of my one man campaign to get the Academy to welcome more ugly people into the fold.

I’ve been tweeting my support for various ugly actors who I feel have been passed over for Oscar consideration just because of their looks.  I’m not sure they appreciate it.  They probably think I’m calling them ugly like its a bad thing.  There’s nothing wrong with being ugly.  Embrace how God made you, I say.

Anyway, I had a brief Twitter conversation with Geoffrey Arend.


Yeah, when I started thinking of less than handsome thespians to tweet my support for, “That nerdy guy who is married to Christina Hendricks” came to mind but I couldn’t recall his name, even though he’s starred in a lot of stuff and you’d totally recognize him if you saw him.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not knocking the guy in any way whatsoever.  He’s been my hero forever on account of the fact that, let me repeat, a) even though he’s a nerd b) he married Christina Hendricks.

Christina Hendricks played super 1960’s hottie Joan on Mad Men for those readers who aren’t hip to the TV scene.

So, let me be clear, no one should take what Geoffrey says below as support for the #OscarsSoPretty movement, which to date, only really consists of me.  I don’t want to put words in the guy’s mouth or anything.

He’s a cool dude who was a good sport and traded funny, snarky comments with me.  Since this is a blog for nerds, I wanted to ask his advice on how nerds can romance and marry super hot chicks, but I figured that would probably be pressing my luck.

But all you lonely nerds out there, cheer up, for it is possible.  Just look to Geoffrey Arend for hope and inspiration.

Much appreciated, Mr. Arend.  Readers, you might remember this actor from Devil or Garden State. Currently, you can see him as Matt Mahoney on CBS’ Madam Secretary.

Personally, my favorite role of his was as that stoned kid who ate all the shrooms in Super Troopers.


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8 thoughts on “#OscarsSoPretty – Snubbed Actor – Geoffrey Arend

  1. Java Davis, indie author/self-publisher says:

    Hi. Just letting you and the other 2.5 readers that one of my books will be free Feb 1-5, On Becoming a Dinosaur, my memoir of my typesetting years and the change in technology. I’m not including a link in case you get mad at me.

  2. acflory says:

    Hah! I’m Australian and we have a lot of wonderfully ugly actors, starting with our own Geoffrey Rush. I’d far rather watch a good actor than just a pretty face.

    • Hello Australian Reader,

      I’m glad my site is reaching the outback.

      I actually though Rush was British until I started researching all of this. Being British or being able to pass for British is one of few loopholes in which an ugly actor can win an Oscar.

      Hollywood needs British or British sounding types to play intelligent people. When we Americans hear the accent we are programmed to think, “Ah, intelligence!”

  3. Can you think of any ugly actresses that have been snubbed? You seem to be concentrating on the ugly male actors. You mustn’t discriminate against the ugly actresses who have already been discriminated against. Or do you not want to go there? 😆

    • One scenario that comes to mind is the early 1990’s movie A League of Their Own. Got a lot of Oscar attention. Attention for Geena Davis. Madonna. They both got a lot of play out of that movie. Rosie O’Donnell was chubby so of course she’s cast as the comic relief.

      I’ve been complaining on Twitter that fat people especially don’t get Oscars. I didn’t think there ever was one but then I remembered Kathy Bates. Of course, the role she got it for was as a murderous psychopath who ties up a writer and hold him captive. Hollywood couldn’t possibly ever allow a fat person to play a leader or a role model or someone.

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