Fuller House

So, out of morbid curiosity, I watched the first twenty minutes of Fuller House.

At the twenty minute mark, I couldn’t take it anymore but here are my thoughts.

The whole extended family has gathered at the Tanner house in San Francisco for one last get together before Danny, Becky and Uncle Jesse move to LA as they all have conveniently obtained new jobs there at the same exact time.

Thus, the “Full House” is about to become empty.  DJ (Candace Cameron) returns with her boys.  Her husband, Mr. Fuller (conveniently named to give the show a catchy title) has croaked.  Kind of like how her mom croaked.  Shit the Tanner family has no luck.

John Stamos, Dave Coulier and Lori Laughlin, all old as shit now, look exactly the same as they did from the original show, thus leaving me to wonder if deals with Satan were struck.

Bob Saget looks older but not ancient.

The Olsen twins passed on the show and there’s a joke about that.  The show is self-deprecating so there is an admission to the audience that hey, they aren’t out to craft amazing television here.

Stephanie (Jodi Sweetin) has enormous sweater cannons and its not my fault for noticing as they’re put out on display.  Well, not “out, out” but still.

Kimmy Gibbler, formerly the goofball neighbor kid/DJ’s friend who came over to bug the Tanners constantly, is separated from her husband and has a daughter of her own.

I didn’t watch long enough but it was basically building up to DJ, Kimmy and Stephanie taking over the Full House to raise DJ’s kids and Kimmy’s daughter together.

Ugh.  I don’t know.  I’m sure this show brings a lot of joy to people who really loved the show.

My recollection from when I was a kid was that its main fan base was geriatric old ladies, all of whom are six feet under now.

Maybe I’m just a glass half empty kind of a guy but all this show does is make me feel old.  It seemed like the show was just on yesterday.  Now the adults are geezers.  The kids are the adults with kids of their own and all kinds of adult problems.

I mean, isn’t there a part of you that just wanted to remember that show with everyone being young and happy?

Because time marches on at a fast and furious pace and eventually life wrecks every plan you had.  Maybe we were all better off thinking that the Full House family all rode off into the sunset and were very happy.

Maybe we didn’t need to know that DJ has a dead husband and Kimmy has a philandering husband…maybe we don’t need to know that life took a big shit on all of their dreams, just as it did for the rest of us.  Just as it will inevitably do for everyone.

Because that’s life.  For a little while, you’re a kid.  You believe in the world because it has never given a reason not to.  Then you try to make something of yourself and boom, here comes the shit.  That person you loved double crosses you.  Shit.  That degree you got is worthless because no one will hire you.  Shit.  That job you don’t like you’re going to be stuck in it forever because the economy is garbage.  Shit shit shit.

Maybe, just maybe we’d like to think that the shit Danny, Jesse and Joey suffered through didn’t revisit the next generation but low and behold, everyone’s life turns to shit I guess.

By the way, the show isn’t really about peoples’ lives being shitty.  Everyone on the show seems genuinely pleasant.  Perhaps I’m just projecting my own shitty life on it.

We talk about self-publishing a lot on this blog and I think what Hollywood is doing with all these old show reboots is relatable.  Fuller House probably would not have been picked up by a major network, but Netflix was happy to have it to bring in the subscribers.

A lot of old shows are coming back thanks to the Internet creating new homes for them.  So maybe the lesson is maybe somewhere on the Internet, there’s a home for your writing as well.

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15 thoughts on “Fuller House

  1. thflg says:

    You are braver than I. But some day I’ll get a six-pack and give it a try. I certainly agree about the “internet TV” influence, Some great shows are popping up in spite of the stodgy network suits and they’ll be left scratching their heads. Netfiix was quick out the gate but how long before Microsoft, Google, Facebook, etc. all want to have shows? Not long i imagine.

    And I like your shitty attitude – let’s be friends. 🙂

    • Ahh, well I wish I could lose the shitty attitude but after many years it isn’t going anywhere.

      I applaud the Full/Fuller House people for finding a way to make a buck through new technology.

      Personally though, I just watched it and felt the Grim Reaper’s cold hand on my shoulder, his chattering teeth whispering to me that time has moved recklessly fast and I’m on the way out.

      My Grandma and another old lady I knew loved Full House, but they’ve been worm food for years. The kids who watched the show and are adults now are just going to feel incredibly old watching it and today’s kids aren’t going to get it.

      But someone must be getting it because people are watching.

      • thflg says:

        Nostalgia is a force to be reckoned with but Magnum PI is gone. Sigh.

      • I’d be down for a Magnum PI reboot. Tom Selleck is doing that Blue Bloods/Jesse Stone nonsense. Whip a Hawaiian shirt on him and see if Higgins is still alive.

  2. lgould171784 says:

    The Washington Post gave Fuller House such a thorough panning that I wouldn’t go near it.

    • If you can enjoy it for nostalgia its not so bad. Sitcoms have pretty much gone out of style for awhile now anyway.

      Some people like the sickeningly sweet family shows. I guess with the Internet there’s a niche for everyone.

  3. I plan to try at least 20 minutes of it. Then again if you saw the number of things in my queue that I plan to try 20 minutes of that have been there since hell unfroze…

    • I finally finished the first episode…if this is a spoiler I don’t know. Who cares. It ends with them young singing “Flintstones” theme song to baby Michelle vs. them all old singing it to DJ’s baby.

      Cut to the credits and in loving memory of all the people in the Saget, Stamos and Coulier family who have croaked with a note how they’d of loved the new show.

      I hope someone enjoys it but it just made me feel Death’s icy embrace.

  4. brittabottle says:

    I ended up watching the full season out of curiosity, nostalgia, and being sick with pneumonia. Definitely not quality television and I probably could have Invested my time in something better…but I did enjoy it.

    That said, I definitely have mixed feelings about these reboots. When I first heard about Fuller House, I was really confused. Yeah, I guess it’s fun for people that loved the show, but there’s also something really nice about leaving a show where it left off in the first place. TV shows aren’t meant to last forever and I feel like these reboots are trying a little too hard to make that happen.

    • I hate to say it but I think most of it involves a new gig for actors that wasn’t there before.

      • brittabottle says:

        Oh, I completely agree with you. People have been all up in arms about the Olsen twins not signing on for Fuller House…but they’ve built up their own lives and careers now and don’t need to invest their time in a reboot. Part of it is nostalgia, yes, but would many of these actors have signed on if they had better opportunities coming their way? It’s definitely a worthy question.

  5. It fills a niche. Obviously the niche is quite large since they’ve already ordered a second season. There is a lack of wholesome television and this one appears to be reaching back for that. In a country where Donald Trump could be our next president, maybe we should all lock our doors, grab a bottle of scotch, and binge watch Fuller House.

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