BQB’s Favorite YouTubers – What’s Inside? – What’s Inside a Wasp Nest?

So the premise is pretty simple.

This guy and his young son cut things open to see what’s inside.

Seems like a fun father/son hobby/bonding activity.

They tape it and then put it on YouTube.

They started last year and already have a million subscribers.

Hmm…kinda makes me wonder if there isn’t a market for wholesomeness in the indie world.

Makes me want to go back and erase every swear from my humble blog.

Nah. Too time consuming.

So anyway, the What’s Inside Dad bought a giant wasp nest…on eBay!

I had to pause for a second to wonder who is dumber, the guy selling wasp nests on eBay or the guy buying them?

I’m going to have to go with the guy who buys them.  I mean, I guess this guy at least got a highly viewed video out of it, but otherwise, if you’re just a random jerk face who bought a wasp nest because you just thought it would be fun to have one then I guess that gu’y selling wasp nests online deserves your money.

I was a little surprised they cut it open inside the house. Even though it was apparently dead (though what a dead vs a live wasp nest looks like is beyond me) I wouldn’t want to take the chance that a million wasps would fly out and then I’m dealing with a wasp infestation forever.

Dad cuts it open. The papery sound, the intricate holes, the eggs and dead wasps still inside, it’s all incredibly gross (so keep that in mind if you get sick easily) but once you get past it I suppose the science of it all and the ability of wasps to do stuff like this is interesting.

So there you go, 3.5 readers.  Just find your niche and you don’t even need act dumb on camera.

Hell you don’t even need to tell everyone you’re a magic bookshelf caretaking yeti fighter.

I mean, I do because I am one but you don’t.

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