Vote For BQB’s Book Cover

Come on 3.5 readers, your favorite nerd needs you.

Check out the designs proposed for my upcoming book on 99Designs.

You don’t need to vote over there if you don’t want to. I just need you to let me know what you think about the covers and which one you choose and why in the comments on my fine blog here.

I’m facing a real Sophie’s Choice here, 3.5 readers. I literally feel like how Sophie must have felt when the Nazis demanded that she choose between her children.

I mean, OK, maybe it isn’t that bad, but still.

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14 thoughts on “Vote For BQB’s Book Cover

  1. Mei-Mei says:

    They are all pretty entertaining, but my fav is probably #23 by luza. Also like #15 and #22 by bluecoffee

    • Oh God this is terrible I can’t decide.

      So what do you like about them?

      • Mei-Mei says:

        I liked the cohesion of all the images of luza’s, and for bluecoffee’s I like the title block and I think the randomness of the images really fits your kind of humor.

      • Luza and Myur made me, BQB, look like a nerdy movie star which frankly that’s how I should look because I’m awesome.

        Blue brought the humor but didn’t overdo it and I realize that you maybe a reader would want to be alerted to this being a humor book, even though they wouldn’t catch all the references/jokes on the cover until they read the book.

        I have to admit I almost died laughing when I saw Mitch Ronkadonk, Raptor Congressman on the cover standing at his podium.

        My only concern now is I may not want him to become a writing prompt to give to the masses. I might want to keep him for myself.

        I’m thinking about making him a regular character on the blog and he is going to run for president with the slogan, “Make America Scaly Again” with the argument that Dinosaurs came first and he’s going to make the humans build a giant feeding trough, get in so they can be eaten and then pay for the trough.

      • Mei-Mei says:

        I highly enjoyed Raptor Congressman, too. Can he be both a writing prompt and a blog character??

      • You know I honestly don’t know the law and/or rules on this and shame on me for not thinking about it more.

        Last week I was just all like, “Screw it I’m buying a cover and getting a book out by January!”

        Which I needed to do or else I’d think about it forever and it never gets done.

        Honestly, Mitch Ronkadonk, Raptor Congressman makes that cover.

        There is a part of me that thinks though that if you sell a book of writing prompts the prompts then belong to the reader, so in the unlikely event that the reader takes one of your prompts and spins it into a Hollywood movie or a bestselling book or what have you, then it is theirs.

        Although what if two, three or four people used the same prompt to create a bestseller? Theoretically possible but unlikely.

        In my paranoid mind though, 17 Mitch Ronkadonk, Raptor Congressman movies have been made without me being involved.

        Maybe I can include a note at the beginning of the book that tells everyone, “Hey, these prompts are yours except Mitch Ronkadonk, Raptor Congressman?”

        Eh, there’d totally be one jerk who’d take that as a challenge and write his own version of Mitch Ronkadonk, Raptor Congressman.

        I also wonder if I am possibly overestimating the value of a Raptor Congressman character here.

        These are good problems to have though, i.e. the future of a Raptor Congressman.

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