BQB’s Walking Dead Recap – Season 7, Episode 6 – Go Getters



I gotta be honest 3.5 readers. I don’t always know exactly what’s going on with the Walking Dead, so if it ever sounds like I got it wrong then feel free to correct me.

There are so many characters and locations and story lines to keep up with and I am a busy man with a blog frequented by 3.5 readers to attend to.

Maggie’s alive though I don’t think anyone was really fooled into thinking she was dead.

The Saviors retaliate against the Hilltop by bringing the zombies though I didn’t really get why…for disobeying orders, for harboring Sasha and Maggie except the Saviors seem to be unaware they are there so I don’t get it.

Steven Ogg is going to make a career out of playing the angry Grand Theft Auto douche.  One of few people to get famous off of a video game character.

Carl and Enid: A Love Story Amidst a Zombie Apocalypse. Aww.

What say you, 3.5 readers?

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