Introducing Zom Fu


Yes, I know I have a ridiculous amount of irons in the fire aka half finished stories.

Yes, I know I should stop doing that.

I love kung fu movies.  I love zombies.  I was inspired.  I will most definitely finish and publish everything I have started, but I think my first novel really needs to be “clean” or as clean (clean as in not dirty) and this is as clean as I get.

So behold, Zom Fu, a send up of cheesy kung fu movie tropes and also, zombies.

My thought is perhaps over the next year or so I can release a Zom Fu novel, then a Zombie Western and go back and forth.

I know.  I’m all over the place.  I’m sorry.  Let me know what you think.

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9 thoughts on “Introducing Zom Fu

  1. Sounds cool. You could make it a short story to test the concept and if it works, unleash the zom!

  2. Sigh. Let me ask you a question. Do you think other writers don’t get ideas for other stories than the one they are working on?
    We do. We write a synopsis and we finish the work we are currently doing. That’s how you publish.

    • I know. But Zombie Western turned into a ten book epic. Other books were great but had a lot of dirty parts which, though funny, worry me as in how that might impact me and I don’t know…I barely have time to write as it is and it gets harder to fight for the time. So I guess I have come to accept that this will be a multi-year investment and that it will be ok to come back to projects later. I was blessed (cursed) with a lot of people in my life who can’t butter toast without hurting themselves so I feel like I have to concentrate on getting a couple of quick one and done books out so I can get that little Amazon print out and say, “See, if you could try harder to butter your toast on your own I could get rich here.”

      Sorry probably none of that makes sense.

      • So I just decided to take a few years off writing after I publish this next book. Because my kiddo cannot butter toast either. I get it.

      • Yeah but they’re not supposed to be able to. I’m talking about grown adults.

        As I look back, yes, I have many ambitious, epic, long projects. They need to be worked on. They need to be chopped up piecemeal so that it can be one novel here then go on to something and then continue the story in the next novel.

        If I fight for every scrap of time I might be able to do like 2 novels a year. So Zombie Western would take a decade to finish at this pace. It’s all frustrating.

        I’m mostly working on the writing prompt book just for the sake of getting started with publishing and saying I did it then I’ll figure out what to do from there.

        I just feel like if I can get a few one and dones out and be able to print out something from Amazon showing a little bit of money was made, people will discover they can butter their own toast.

      • I know I should go to serial story writer rehab.

      • And don’t take a few years off. I’m working on the art of working around people. Not quite there yet. Vinny B taught me this strategy.

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