How to Make Any Woman You Want Fall in Love With You


Hey 3.5 readers.

Your old pal BQB here.

Look, I’m not gonna lie.  It’s tough out there in the dating world.  Women have very high, exacting standards and if you don’t meet them then it’s out on the curb you go.

If you’re reading this blog, then chances are you are a nerd.  I mean, if you were awash with hot ladies, you wouldn’t be sitting here reading my nonsense, would you?

Look, I’m a nerd but along the way I’ve managed to figure out some key tips, some crucial lessons that can help even the lowliest of dweebs score that fine ass hottie.  I’m not talking about settling for just any old woman – nay, I’m talking about how you, a dorky ass poindexter, can walk into a club and score any chick you want.

I figure it’s about time I give back, so I created an entirely new website, one that will give you all the answers you need to the questions you have about wrangling the hottest babes.  Watch one of my free seminar videos, read one of my articles, or if you’re still stuck, I’m happy to provide one on one consultations.

The thing to remember, 3.5 readers (who I assume are all male if you’re still reading) is this website WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.  No more lonely nights turning your socks ceramic.  No more lonely nights squinting at movies in the hopes of catching some side boob.  Nay, good sirs, all the boobs you want and then some will be yours if you simply visit my fine, excellent site today.

So it’s up to you, 3.5 male readers.  Are you a man or a mouse?  Are you going to sit back and waste your life, never experiencing the joys of being with a hot woman, or are you going to grab life by the balls and learn my secrets to picking up hotties today?

If you’re a mouse, then go eat some cheese, bitch, because I have no time for you.

If you’re a man, then click here.

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3 thoughts on “How to Make Any Woman You Want Fall in Love With You

  1. da-AL says:

    well now you sent me down the youtube rabbit hole — interesting how he’s gotten better!

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