I Have Raised the Price of BQB’s Writing Prompt Book

Hey 3.5 readers.

BQB here.

I’m conducting an experiment.

My book has been on sale since June.  Initially, I priced it at 2.99 and no one bought it.  So I lowered it to .99 cents and a few people bought it.  Since then, it’s been just several months of sadness and ennui.

I’ve heard that sometimes a low price can be a detriment to sales.  Sometimes authors will lower a book price just because they’re new and want to attract fans – get them hooked on cheap books and up the prices on the sequels.

But often times a cheap price is taken as a sign the author does not believe in his book.  Think about it.  Have you ever bought anything good at a .99 cent store?

Suppose you’re walking down the street and meet a hooker charging 99 cents for a good time.  You’d have to be crazy to take part in that, right?  Surely she’s charging such a low price because she knows something is wrong.  Perhaps she has a number of contagious diseases, or will give you warts, or crabs, or warty crabs, or penis rot or penis fire (that’s when your penis catches on fire or worse, she’s aware there’s some type of rudimentary steel bear trap buried deep inside her vagina and it will snap your penis in half if you dare enter.

Nay, you would totally run away from the 99 cent prostitute but what if you met the same prostitute and she offered a good time for 10,000?  Then you might be like, “Wow.  She’s really sure of herself.  Maybe her vagina is a magical land filled with rainbows and puppies and unicorns and pots of gold.”

Same vagina.  Two different prices but the prices cause you to think different things.

I worried about upping the price but then I remembered no one is buying it anyway, so I guess nothing will change and if it has no impact after a month or so I’ll just reduce it.  In any event, I’ll report back here how it all went.

By the way, this little enterprise does need to start making some money so not to nudge you, noble reader, but a) it’s not 2.99 yet so until Amazon effectively changes the price, you still have a little time to get my prompts on the cheap and b) if you wait, this is your chance to make a 2.99 contribution to the BQB cause (BQB’s cause is to make BQB rich) – my calculations indicate Supreme Overlord Bezos will take roughly 96 cents and I’ll rake in a whopping $2.04 so in theory, I could party with that 99 cent prostitute twice and still have change left over so not too shabby.

Whatever help you can provide, 3.5 moochers (er I mean darling readers) I would appreciate it.







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One thought on “I Have Raised the Price of BQB’s Writing Prompt Book

  1. da-AL says:

    all the stuff I read says that authors should give away the book at first, get reviews for it, then charge for it. have you tried that?

    also, isn’t there something where amazon will put on their free lists for a bit?

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