Movie Review – Dr. Strange (2016)

Take one part The Matrix and one part Inception, throw in a dash of Harry Potter in an alternate universe where Harry Potter is for adults and you’ve got Marvel’s latest addition to its movie list, Dr. Strange.

Presto change-o, abracadabra 3.5 readers. Hold onto your magic wand because it is time for another Bookshelf Q. Battler movie review.


Benedict Cumberbatch stars as Dr. Stephen Strange, an egotistical surgeon whose career is cut short when his hands are badly injured.

Refusing to give up all that he’s worked for, he sets out for Nepal in search of alternative physical healing.

Instead, he learns the secrets of magic, mysticism and sorcery from the Ancient One aka Tilda Swinton.

Blah blah blah. There’s another sorcerer that Dr. Strange has to fight (Mads Mikkelsen), he has an ally (Chiwetel Ejiofor) and a love interest (the ever boner inducing Rachel McAdams).

I give kudos to Cumberbatch because he branches out in this role. We all know he’s a classical style actor and has always done a great job playing deep, intense characters.

Dr. Strange is equally intense, but he’s also a cocky, wisecracking American, a role I’m not sure Cumberbatch has played yet though some movie buff out there may prove me wrong. At any rate , he does well here as the good doctor.

I enjoyed it. At times it is confusing but the special effects are great and you can start drooling as you space out and look at the pretty colors.

The doc is one of Marvel’s lesser knowns but it appears that the Marvel/Disney alliance (though not sure alliance is the right word) can take even the most obscure Marvel characters and turn them into cinematic gold. (They were able to do it for Ant-Man so a magician must have been a cinch.)

STATUS: Shelf-worthy. Worth it to see it on the big screen as time bends, worlds shift, rules of physics are manipulated and so on. Plus I dig Rachel McAdams and I declare her the hottest of all Marvel superhero girlfriends thus far.

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4 thoughts on “Movie Review – Dr. Strange (2016)

  1. Anne says:

    I just watched Dr. Strange and I agree that it is well-played by Benedict since I never expected him to fit such an intense role. A lot of people seem to have a difficult time pinning him as a “Dr. Strange” but part of the bias may be due to their exposure of him playing the same old roles.

    • I think it worked. He always plays highly intelligent people and Dr. Strange was that, able to use his studious doctor skills to study highly complex spells. It was the wisecracks and the jokes that got me. I didn’t think Cumberbatch had that side of him.

  2. Reblogged this on Bookshelf Battle and commented:

    Best Marvel Movie That Would Have Blown Us Away Ten Years Ago But Now We’re Used to It

    Don’t get me wrong. Dr. Strange is an awesome movie. Ten years ago it would have blown us away. Alas, now we are spoiled. Here, Marvel is basically working one more cog into its world so that they can put Dr. Strange in some kind of Marvel world Avengers movie or something.

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