BQB Update on Design Contest


Hey 3.5.

BQB here.

VGRF waved some smelling salts under my nose and I’m up and about again.

Still a little sad I had to open my wallet. I really do hate doing that. She wasn’t lying about ordering off the dollar menu and the grease traps and so on.

It’s only been a couple hours and someone has already submitted a pretty cool design. I mean, I want to wait until the end of the contest to see what the other designers have to offer but I’m just impressed with the power of the Internet.

Do you millennials have any idea how good you all frigging have it when it comes to becoming creative these days?

Damn it, when I was your age, I had to walk up a hill both ways in blizzard conditions just to get to a computer and when I did I still didn’t have a book cover because no one was selling book cover design services over the damn Internet.

Shit. The Internet back then made your computer make a noise like a screeching cat and you could only be on it for five minutes lest you tie up the phone line.

I look forward to sharing the results of all the designers when they come in and together we will make a good choice, 3.5 readers.

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