BQB’s Book Cover Design Contest

By: Special Guest Blogger Video Game Rack Fighter


Hey 3.5 readers.

BQB is passed the hell out on the floor for the moment, so I’ll fill you in.

As you are all aware, our favorite resident yeti fighter does not like to part with money.

But he finally did it. He put up some dough to get a 99Designs contest going.

That’s right. He’s going to publish a book of writing prompts.

In fact, before his face hit the floor, he told me that the title will be, “Bookshelf Q. Battler’s Big Book of Badass Writing Prompts: 101 Scintillating Scenarios to Stimulate Your Cranial Excretions.”

Sigh. Don’t tell him I said this but the only thing it will stimulate is a one-way ticket to Amazon’s virtual 99 cent bin.

Did I say that? No. I’m the ever supportive VGRF and what I meant to say was that this will probably be the boot in the ass he needs to get him going.

Once he sets up an author profile and has something to offer as an author, we can only hope that he will continue to work to get an actual novel out there so the Mighty Potentate won’t vaporize us all into the stone age.

No pressure, BQB.

At any rate, 3.5 readers, I figure the guy must love you all, because he actually opened up his wallet.


No joke, whenever we go out on a date he’ll take me to Mighty Burger and offer to degrease the grease traps just to avoid paying for my choice off the dollar menu.

So in other words, he really loves you guys since he was so willing to part with money, an act which has made him pass out.

I can only hope he will wake up soon so the yeti will stop resting his hairy feet on him as if he were some kind of nerd shaped Ottoman.

I suppose I could stop that furry freak but unlike BQB, I am not a champion yeti fighter.

Results are expected in a week and if BQB doesn’t like any of the designs he can say no thanks.

But be ready to help him choose one.

Take care, 3.5

P.S. in the meantime, take a look at his writing prompts and tell him what you think.


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