Zom Fu – Chapter 23


“Mmm,” Niu said as he brought the brain closer and closer to his mouth. “Yummy brain.”

“Are you really going to eat that?” Junjie asked. “That’s disgusting.”

“Stop him,” the master commanded.

“Ugh,” Junjie said as he looked away. “This is so disgusting. I can’t watch.”

“Junjie!” the master shouted. “Stop him or he will be lost!”

Junjie sensed the dire tone in the master’s voice. “Brother, stop!”

Niu scowled at his fellow disciple. “Get your own brain! This one is mine!”

“If he eats that brain he will go the way of Bohai,” the master warned.

Junjie lept into the air and flew towards the giant, kicking the brain out of his hand.

Niu grunted. “I said, ‘Get your own!’”

“Niu!” Junjie shouted. “Not you too! I can’t lose anyone else!”

The big man stooped over to pick up the brain, only to get another foot smack to the face.

“Ungh,” Niu said as he rose to his full seven feet. “I’ll fight you for it then.”

Niu charged like a bull and slammed his head into Junjie’s chest, knocking him across the courtyard.

“It’s just a brain,” Junjie said.

“It’s my brain,” Niu said. “My brain!”

Niu’s arms provided him with a tremendous reach, putting Junjie at a disadvantage. The fatalist brought his fasts down as if they were hammers, cracking the bricks of the courtyard as Junjie ducked out of the way.

“Brother, I’ve never seen you like this,” Junjie said.

Niu curled his fingers into a tiger claw and prepared to strike. “Get used to it. You dare to take a brain away from me? Then I will take yours!”

The tiger claw came at Junjie at a rapid pace. The hero grabbed it, then grunted and strained against Niu’s weight as he twisted the big man’s arm. Junjie then flipped up onto Niu’s shoulders, released the fatalist’s arm and went to work wailing away at the back of his opponent’s big bald head.

“Stop making me do this!” Junjie shouted as he delivered a barrage of punches to Niu’s skull.

“Bahh!” Niu said as he stood up and thrashed around in a desperate attempt to throw Junjie off, “Why do you deny me a brain?!”

“Ninety-eight, ninety-nine,” Junjie said as he counted his punches. “One hundred! Fall down already!”

“Never!” Niu shouted. The enormous fighter backed his way toward a wall and slammed Junjie up against it, squishing the hero between his giant frame and a hard place. Junjie felt tremendous pain in his bones due to the intense pressure.

Junjie stopped punching and reverted to strangling. He wrapped his arms around Niu’s tree trunk like neck and yanked away.

“What are you doing?” Niu asked.

“Choking you!” Junjie replied.

“Stop it!” Niu said. “That tickles!”

“You’re going to fall!” Junjie said.  “Any…minute…now!”

“Enough!” Niu said.  “This is like getting a hug from a frail old woman!”

“Have you had enough yet?”  Junjie asked.

“I’m just getting started!” Niu shouted.

Niu reached back, grabbed Junjie’s arm, and flipped the hero into the air. Junjie landed on his backside and skidded across the courtyard.

“Enough horsing around,” Niu said. “Your brain is mine!”

Niu charged. Junjie looked to his right. It was just his luck that he’d landed next to a zombie carcass that just happened to be holding his weapon of choice: nunchucks.

Niu got a face full of nunchaku and backed off. Junjie pursued his opponent and landed multiple nunchaku slaps. The big man’s face turned bloodier with every strike.

“Junjie” Niu said as he doubled over and took a deep breath. “I’m…I’m so sorry…I have no idea why I’m acting like this.”

The hero studied Junjie’s face. It looked very forlorn. He looked at Niu’s hand. It was stretched out, waiting for a shake.

Poof! The Infallible Master’s ghost popped into Junjie’s view. “Never trust a brain addict! Finish him!”

“Blast you, old ghost man!” Niu cried.  He then looked to Junjie.  “Give me your brain!”

Pop! Junjie flailed his nunchucks and defeated Niu with a seventeen hit combo.

Timber! Niu fell forward as if he were a mighty oak, then crashed on the ground with a thunderous thud.

Junjie knelt down to check on his opponent. “He’s still breathing.”

“Tie him up,” the master said. “He suffers from brain lust.”

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