Zom Fu – Chapter 27


After the master filled the general in on the previous evening’s details, the general sighed in disbelief.

“News of the Clan of the Mystifying Monkey Slap’s demise had made its way to me,” the general said.  “But the Clan of the Sacred Yet Inscrutable Tiger Claw is now gone?  I never thought I would live to see the day.”

“And yet,” the master said.  “Here we are.  As we speak, Dragonhand marches north.  He’s stronger and more powerful than ever.  He wields the Staff of Ages ad he will not stop until the Forbidden City is sacked and the Emperor’s brain is devoured.  Surely now Advisor Zhen will listen to reason.”

“Blast that dirty mongrel’s wretched hide,” the general said.  “I have warned him about Dragonhand for two decades but he has always refused to take action.  The Emperor is as beguiled by him as his father was.”

“You must make him listen to reason,” the master said.

The general nodded.  “I will try, but I have always felt that I deserve an honorable place in Heaven for not gutting that pig years ago.  He is as thick-headed as he is arrogant.”

General Tsang laid his hands on the stone wall.  “Damned brain biters.  Do you think they are in league with the Japanese heart eaters?”

“Not that I know of,” the master said.  “Though it pains me to think of how the Sacred Yet Inscrutable Tiger Claw, a move developed as a last resort in an overall strategy of self-defense, has been corrupted in the name of evil.”

General Tsang drew his sword, took a knee, and rested his head on the hilt.  “I swear on my sword I will give my life before I allow the Emperor’s brain to be eaten, old friend.”

“I know you will protect him,” the master replied.  “I must take my leave now, for I have dispatched my last two remaining disciples on missions in furtherance of Dragonhand’s defeat.  Take care, General.”

Poof!  The general was all alone.

“Advisor Zhen,” General Tsang muttered.  “I hate it when I have to speak to that fool.”




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