#31WaysToDefeataVampire – Way #9 – Powder

By: Count Krakovich, Asshat Vampire


“This is either a bountiful serving of booger sugar or my cousin Fred. I can’t tell.”


If you never watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer, then allow me to bring you up to speed.

When you kill a vampire, said vamp turns into dust.

Thus, whenever we see powder of any kind, be it baking soda, flour, dust from your poorly kept home because you are lazy, or hell, even a line of coke, we immediately fear it may be one of our vampire friends.

So if you see a vampire coming, just toss some powder at them.  Keep some baby powder handy.  Its good for fooling a vampire into thinking you killed his best vampire friend, plus a good dousing of that stuff on your tushy once a day keeps the rashes at bay.

Have you ever defeated a vampire with baking soda? Discuss in the comments.


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