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#31WaysToDefeatAVampire – Way #16 – Nukes

By: Count Krakovich, Asshat Vampire


Nukes destroy everything and vampires aren’t impervious to them.

Can’t say I’d recommend this option though.

Surely a vampire can’t be that much of a pain in the ass to warrant a nuclear attack.

Probably best to stake the vampire or hell, just let the vampire bite you.  Its better to be a vampire than to be nuked whilst trying to take out a vampire. No vampire is worth destroying a large area with a nuke.

That’s just common sense, really.


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#31Zombie Authors Rewind – Day 16 – Saul Tanpepper – Zombified Video Gaming

With Your Host: Schecky Blargfeld, Zombie Comedian



They’re uncontrollable…or are they?

If you could control a real, live (undead) zombie with a controller, would you, 3.5 readers?

Last year Saul Tanpepper took a moment to talk to BQB to discuss his Gameland series.

Check out that interview here.

And don’t forget to check out Saul’s Gameland series and other books on Amazon.

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