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#31ZombieAuthors Rewind – Day 6 -Advice from the Journal of the Undead – S.G. Lee

With Your Host: Schecky Blargfeld, Zombie Comedian


How do you know that you’ve made it as an author?

When you’re touring the late night talk show circuit?

When your book sells a million copies?

Nah. When you’ve got your own action figure.

Last year, S.G. Lee gave BQB some advice from his Journal of the Undead.

Check out that interview here.

And don’t forget to check out S.G.’s Amazon author website.

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#31WaysToDefeat a Vampire – Way #6 -Sharks

By: Count Krakovich, Asshat Vampire



We vampires like to pretend that we’re indestructible but no one can defeat a shark.

Sharks can easily chomp through a vampire.

Humans and/or vampires alike should avoid sharks.

That’s about it. I’m really phoning it in today…because I’m an asshat. Don’t judge me.

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