Update on BQB’s Zombie Western


So I’ve thought….and I’ve thought…and I’ve thought.

How can I…

a) Create an ongoing plot that ties several books together

b) but neither book loses its distinct style and feel

c) and how can this all be made scalable so that I can put out one book in the series, then move onto something completely different, put that book out, then come back and put out another book in the series because I have a short attention span.

So here’s where I am.

I’m going to write a book about zombies attacking the Alamo.  Yes, you heard that correctly.

Turns out that Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, William Travis and Sam Houston were all bad ass warlocks who defended the Alamo from Vampire Santa Anna because there was a hell gate that Satan could pass through.

Our heroes save the day, but the Legion continues to cause chaos.  The Legion will look for others to lead zombie armies, to descend the world into madness, to distract everyone whilst the hellgate is opened again.

Book 2 will be Undead Man’s Hand where Wild Bill, Calamity Jane and Charlie Utter give us the information on who all the board members of the Legion Corporation are.

To my great surprise, How the West Was Zombed will become Book 3.  I struggled with this.  It really seemed like a great Book 1, what with the West being zombed and all.

But even in that book there are some mentions of the Alamo and of Wild Bill, so instead of making these stories flashbacks, why not give them their own books.

If popular enough, I forsee future books where Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, Billy the Kid, Jesse James, and Butch and Sundance all take a turn fighting zombies.

If no one is sick of it yet after all that, Miles will get his own book as he helps Hoo Doo Brown sniff out what happened to Santa Anna’s leg.

If no one is exhausted by all this, then there will be a grand finale in the early 1900s in which Teddy Roosevelt becomes President.

Meanwhile, Slade’s brother Tobias becomes president of the newly formed Western States of America and after a life time of being downtrodden, Tobias succumbs to “the dark side” and leads the Western States down a dark path which will lead to the Alamo hell gate being opened once more.

Ultimately, a battle royale in which all the heroes in previous books still alive work together in the West while Teddy Roosevelt leads a charge in from the East.

You see, Bowie’s original Bowie knife was in fact, a magic knife used to kill Satan, who according to the bible, is able to come out of a portal in serpent form every once in awhile unless someone stops him, which sounds like an awesome, yet scary, plot line.

Bowie passes that knife to an unwitting young Gunther who carries it around with him until he’s old. He passes it off to Slade. Slade carries it till he is old. I believe an incantation also gets written on a piece of paper tucked into Bowie’s hat, which Gunther passes on to Miles, ergo Miles and Slade must reunite by the end.

I haven’t decided if Slade, Calamity Jane, Wyatt Earp et all will become warlocks like Crocket et all, the original people who stopped the hellgate.

So bottomline – it is a series that begins with four heroes who, amidst zombie created chaos, stop Satan from exiting a hellgate and then an ongoing saga where various Legion villains try to recreate that chaos and various heroes stop it.

The new heroes may or may not become warlocks as the series progresses.  I suppose they have to if Crockett and friends were warlocks, but somehow Slade becoming a warlock seems like a jump the shark idea.

I’ll probably be like 75 by the time this is all written so, you know, at that point, who gives a shit if I make a million dollars if I’m too old and hideous to attract hot buxom blondes.

Anyway, that’s where I’m at, 3.5 readers.  I’m going to finish Zomcation just because I think it will be an easy path to get a book out and then do a zombie western, do another book, do another zombie western, another book and so on until I either croak or become famous and wealthy.

So in other words, until I croak.

But at least you 3.5 readers will be very entertained.


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