Top Ten Halloween Songs


It’s time to get this Halloween party started right, 3.5 readers.

If you’ve got a pad full of fly ass witch hunnies and dope ass Frankensteins, they’re going to want to boogie, so without further ado, from BQB HQ in fabulous East Randomtown, it’s the Top Ten Halloween Songs:

#10 – “Season of the Witch” – Donovan

An oldie but a goodie. Has that 1960s vibe with an eerie twist. Also, it is about witches so there you go.

#9 – Monster – Kanye West, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj and a Plethora of Other Rappers

This one’s relatively new, having come out in this decade. However, it uses “monster” in a double meaning. You can assume that they’re rapping about being a monster as in being bad in order to get ahead or you can actually assume they’re rapping about become real ass monsters.

Nicki Minaj pretty much became known for sounding sweet and innocent and one verse, only to turn dark and evil the next.

Sweet one minute, evil the next. Yes, I know. This describes most women.  Moving on…

#8 – Time Warp – Rocky Horror Picture Show

I saw that movie once. It was so old that it featured a version of Susan Sarandon that you actually wanted to see in a bra.

There was supposed to be a live performance of it. Did that happen yet?

Eh, catchy song, though whoever came up with this show must have been smoking copious amounts of herb.

“Let’s do the time warp again…”

Paging Dr. Frank N. Furter…

#7 – Somebody’s Watching Me – Rockwell

Aha! You thought this was by Michael Jackson, didn’t you?

Wrong! It was by Rockwell, though admittedly he sounded like Mike.

The beat and lyrics are creepy. I defy you to listen to it and not feel like someone is actually watching you.

No one ever watches me though. They’d be very bored by my lame ass life and would puke whenever the bathroom parts happen.

#6 – Ghostbusters – Ray Parker Jr.

Sure, it’s a theme song for one of the greatest 1980s comedies, but it also has an awesome beat.

It’s fun. It’s not scary. And you can dance to it. “Bustin’ Makes Me Feel Good!”

#5 – “This is Halloween” – Danny Elfman – The Nightmare Before Christmas

Oh Jack Skellington. What will you get into next? But seriously dude, stop trying to steal Christmas.

#4 – “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah” – Tracy Morgan as Tracy Jordan on NBC’s 30 Rock

It was a parody on a sitcom but Tracy yuks it up as in a song about a werewolf celebrating his bar mitzvah.  “Arrwoo!  Boys becoming men…men becoming wolves!”

#3 – Halloween (the movie theme song) – John Carpenter

Yeah. You can’t listen to that song without imagining Mike Meyers chasing you with a knife (the fictional murderer, not the comedic actor).

#2 – Thriller – Michael Jackson 

It’s got Michael Jackson. It’s got Vincent Price. It’s got zombies dancing in sync. ‘Cause this is thriller!

#1 – Monster Mash – Bobby Pickett

No Halloween party worth its salt or its fun sized candy bars finishes without playing the Monster Mash, because as you know, it is a graveyard smash.

Or you could check out the Key of Awesome’s modern update of this classic song:

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3 thoughts on “Top Ten Halloween Songs

  1. Lizzi Newton says:

    What?No Werewolves of London or Nature Trail to Hell??? LOL

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