The Walking Dead – Season 6 Finale – The Last Day On Earth



I’ll try not to ruin it too much anyway.  But still, spoilers afoot.

I think the thing that grabbed me the most was how much fear was expressed on all of the actors’ faces, Rick in particular.  We never see Rick afraid after all.  And that took some guts to show him that way.  Hollywood never wants to show the hero afraid.  Sheer hopelessness.  Stuck.  No way out.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan was scary as Neegan.  Apparently in the comic book, Neegan’s thing is to swear every other word but hey, it’s AMC, so he did his best to be scary without naughty language.

Apparently, all manner of violence is ok but a potty mouth is where the censors draw the line.

Steven Ogg was great as Neegan’s sidekick.  If you’ve played Grand Theft Auto 5, then you know Ogg as Trevor.

I’m not sure I understood the part with Eugene.  I thought he was going to sacrifice himself or something.  Oh well.

Another great season.  Looking forward to the next.

What say you, 3.5 readers?

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8 thoughts on “The Walking Dead – Season 6 Finale – The Last Day On Earth

  1. I think Eugene is the one the dies at the end actually. Agreed, Jeffrey Dean Morgan was a very scary Neegan, and everyone looked crazy scared.

    • Eugene is a prime candidate which is unfortunate because he was funny.

      If you figure:

      A) As gritty as the series is, they most likely won’t go so far as to allow a woman to get beaten up with a baseball bat on TV, even if it isn’t shown and it is just discussed later. Therefore, Maggie, Michonne, Sasha, Rosita are safe.

      B) Obviously, a main character/fan favorite like Rick or Daryl won’t get it…unless the character survives the beating but that is unlikely. Carl I don’t think could be the one without fundamentally changing Rick’s character for the worse and the direction of the series.

      C) Glenn’s a main character and would be missed by the fans but the series could carry on without him. So I figure Glenn, Abraham, Eugene and Aaron are prime candidates.

      Eugene is possibly the most likely candidate because:

      A) The series could carry on without him despite him being missed.

      B) Still loved enough by the fans that it would be sad and moving, especially since he was kind of innocent.

      C) His story has been developed more – him proving himself more worthy, wanting to take on more responsibility, standing up for himself more, etc. Characters who get more of their story explained when it wasn’t explained previously usually are about to go.

      D) He gave Rick the recipe to make bullets so he isn’t needed anymore.

      So yes I’d say Eugene is the frontrunner, sadly.

      • Your comment is right on point and should be a blog post.

        I think it wouldn’t sit well with me if it were one of the woman or Daryl.

        Glenn would make a lot of sense. He’s from the original group, and the show could go on without him. I actually forgot Aaron was there. So if it were him it would be sad but not a huge impact.
        I don’t want to have to wait 6 months to find out!

      • I hadn’t thought about Eugene specifically but I was thinking about writing a post about how if you consider it is unlikely to be a woman, it gets narrowed down.

        I’ll probably wait and give people some time to catch up to avoid spoilers.

      • I’d love to read it!

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