SNL takes on Ugliness/Prettiness

Ugly rights activist BQB here.

I found this skit hysterical.

So a reporter announces a sinkhole has swallowed up a bunch of cars at a shopping mall.  He starts to interview the couple but then it quickly devolves into the reporter and the other reporters in the studio questioning an ugly nerd on how he ended up married to a hot chick played by Margot Robbie.

Its funny because none of us admit it but so many relationships are based on looks.  Even as an ugly person if I see an ugly person with an attractive person I immediately think the ugly person must be rich or have something exciting going on in his/her life.

And even when the ugly person isn’t rich and/or doesn’t have an exciting life I immediately think the attractive person is a saint on par with Mother Theresa because inside I know if I were attractive I’d be chasing down hot babes all day long.

Or would I? Maybe if I were attractive I’d be happy in my own skin and wouldn’t feel the need to do that.

Sounds like a real chicken vs. the egg scenario.

Ugly bias, people. Its real…and funny.

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