Movie Review – Masterminds (2016)

I feel like I’ve been watching this trailer of Kristen Wiig getting punched in the cooter forever and now this movie is finally here.

BQB here with a review of Masterminds.

Based on the true story of a 1997 heist for $17 million dollars from armored car company Loomis Fargo (the largest in history), this comedy stars the eternally awkward Zach Galifinakis as armored car driver/thief David Ghannt.

Ghannt is a loser engaged to creepy weirdo fart enthusiast Jandice (Kate McKinnon), but pines for co-worker Kelly (Kristen Wiig).

When Kelly’s friend Steve (Owen Wilson) devises a plan to rip off Loomis, Ghannt ends up on the run in Mexico, Steve and his wife Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Ellis) go on a lavish, attention grabbing shopping spree, and Kelly ends up caught up in the middle – trying to save Ghannt from Steve’s double-cross.

There are many parts that are laugh out loud funny.  Zach has a knack for playing clueless dummies who aren’t self-aware.  Owen played a great douche.  Kristen was a good confused love interest. Kate will continue to make a fortune for staring creepily into the camera.

Also – Jason Sudeikis as a hitman who enjoys his work too much and much to my surprise, Devin Ratray (aka Kevin’s older brother Buzz in Home Alone) all grown up as one of Steve’s flunkies.

Meanwhile, Leslie Jones gets the chance to flex a little acting muscle as the FBI agent trying to crack the case.

Sounds cliche, but if a comedy makes me laugh, it wins.

My main worry – I wonder if it is a good thing to make a movie about these people.  It almost turns a bunch of criminals into heroes.

Then again, it does explain how these were regular, working-class people who ended up being around more money than they could ever have dreamed of and weren’t able to control themselves.

Still, I can’t condone it, but I suppose all these years later we can laugh at it.

STATUS: Shelf-worthy.

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2 thoughts on “Movie Review – Masterminds (2016)

  1. annelogan17 says:

    ha this makes me want to watch this even more!

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