BQB’s Favorite YouTubers – Ask a Mortician

The things you end up Googling when you’re an aspiring author, let me tell you.

One subject I’ve had to look up is the various ways in which characters could possibly die, what happens when they die, is it possible to live through something, etc.

Writing about zombies gives you the particular need to know how dead bodies decompose, fall apart, etc.

While looking for such information, I happened across the “Ask a Mortician” YouTube Channel.

It is run by Caitlin Dougherty of the website

This lady is the funniest mortician I have ever seen (not that I have seen that many.)

She takes questions about what happens to people after they die – how embalming works, how bodies are cremated, why human taxidermy doesn’t work so well, coffin birth (is it possible for a deceased pregnant woman to give birth to a deceased baby, corpse poop, etc.

Here she is in a video explaining what happens to artificial implants in a body when they aren’t burned up during cremation:

Anyway, just throwing it out there, as an aspiring author I have found her videos helpful and I appreciate her ability to explain emotionally difficult topics with humor.

Check her out, 3.5 readers.

Alas, death comes for us all and though we should do our best to keep it at bay for a long, long time it is good to know that professionals like Caitlin are looking out for the deceased and getting them ready for a proper send off.

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5 thoughts on “BQB’s Favorite YouTubers – Ask a Mortician

  1. Not me, I want a bonfire built around my dead body and burned like a hero in a boat floating on the sea. Let my remains be cast to the winds and tides until the end of days when the dead will rise up to be judged.

    • A Viking funeral could be awesome.

      I’m not going to lie though, I’m toying with cryogenics. At some point the medical community will figure out how to cure what killed me as well as how to bring a frozen person back to life…hmm…unless I’m putting too much faith in the medical community…these are people who will bill you $400 for an aspirin after all.

      They might bring me back and then I’ll drop dead after seeing the bill and then I’ll have to wait until they figure out how to bring back a person who has died after seeing an exorbitant bill.

      • Wouldn’t it be awesome if doctors didn’t charge? If they were paid by the state? Oh wait, that sounds like our NHS which our Governmeant wants to tear down and give us the American model of medicine. When dentists had to charge people stopped going, could hospitals and clinics go the same way? Answers please on stamped undressed elephant to the usual suspects.

  2. Liz Madrid says:

    OMG totally subscribing to her Youtube channel! She’s hilarious!

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