The Walking Dead – Who did Neegan kill?

The Walking Dead returns soon, 3.5 readers.

If you recall, at the end of the last season, Neegan was about to give one of our intrepid heroes a vigorous baseball bat beating.

One can only assume we’ll find out who got struck out in the new season, though you never know, there might be an unexpected plot twist.

My theory:

It is unlikely that a female character will buy the farm in such a gruesome way on TV.

It is unlikely a main featured character will croak.

Thus, you can rule a lot of people out.

Keeping in mind they’ll want to maximize the impact by killing off someone the viewers have bonded with yet the show can continue without and I think that comes down to Eugene or Abraham.

I’m going to guess it is Eugene. He’s the underdog. The cowardly geek who did everyone wrong by lying about a cure yet ironically did them good by tricking them to seek safety.

We like to think we’d be awesome like Rick in the face of a zompoc but in reality, many of us would be a Eugene.

If they do go with a main character? Glenn. He’s shown tremendous growth over the series, going from young adult to man, but the show can go on whereas people would freak out if they los Rick, Michonne, or Daryl.

What say you, 3.5 readers?

What are your theories?

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3 thoughts on “The Walking Dead – Who did Neegan kill?

  1. Hrm, When I read your posts about TWD, I think perhaps I should give it another try.

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